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Final Fantasy Parody-What's going on in the final confrontation between Cloud and Sephiroth?Find out the true reason why Cloud wants Sephy's blood.

Sephy is Best-The name explains all. Sephy is not only the coolest game villain but he's also the best.

Shinra Employee Appreciation Day-The Turks got their Employee Appreciation Day in Rufus' style. (WIP)

Alucard's Date-For a cool villain, we want to pair him to someone with no less charm (no, not Cloud). Naturally, the honor goes to Alucard of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. No, no more Maria tonight. It's Castlevania meets Final Fantasy VII with Cloud as an unexpected, unwanted intruder in the middle of.... (yaoi)

For One Night-Isn't Vincent's self-moping tiring? Well, for one night, he stops digging about his sins and does something spicy instead. (yaoi)(WIP)

Cloud-When Sephiroth's bored, you know who suffers. yeah. (WIP)

Sephy's Birthday Party-Sephy never has anyone given him a birthday party before. But when he gets his b-day party, it's totally chaotic! (WIP)

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