Alucard’s Date

Getting home from the Cool VidGame Character World Convention is difficult for Alucard. His appearance at the convention had enticed a disastrous chain reaction from hardcore female vampire fans. They chased around him all day, and screamed out how much they want his body. It’s pure torture. Oh yeah, Alucard distinctively recalled a "Leslee T." who showed her unwanted fan-craze by creeping to his shower and strip-danced without his consent. God, these women need psychiatric help! Alucard shudders delightfully. But not all experiences at the convention are horrible. He had met this gorgeous silver haired villain from Final Fantasy VII. That guy is simply impressive, and Alucard is not talking about the guy’s ability to lift up that 12-feet Masamune katana dangling beside his patent leather trench coat like a toothpick. For once Alucard stops moping around, but start looking forward to a rendezvous with him. A rare moment: Alucard drools.

When Alucard returns to Four Seasons Hotel to pick up his luggage, he sees the silver haired man pacing around the lobby in an orderly fashion. The clerks hide behind the counter in terror, praying to God that the 12ft. Masamune would not fancy their heads. Accustom to awe from lesser beings, the man ignored them while waiting patiently. He raises his head, sees Alucard walks in, and flashes a wicked grin that enhances his natural looks more, making him look dangerously sensual. Ah, it’s a good thing he had bought that cheap 3rd rate romance trash at Wal-mart before coming here. The book has prepared him for picking up chicks…errr no, hunks. What about dhampirs? Would the same trick works for them? These questions emerge in the man’s brain as his emerald green eyes rake Alucard’s pale face hungrily.

Alucard’s heart leaps wildly. Never in his dream had he envisioned this encounter. He thought he’s the one who has to do the initial work of a courtship. But looks like the silver haired man has the same intention in his mind. Alucard approached him…"Seph…..???"

"Sephiroth, at your service sir". The silver haired man said with a wink.

(Authoress: Oh my!!!! Sephy winking? Sephy, come back to your normal cruel, heartless self!!!)

"Sephiroth" Alucard pronounced in his Transylvanian nobleman way. "I feel honored"

Sephiroth smiled. "The feeling is mutual"

On hearing this, Alucard’s heart beats faster. He makes a please sign with his hand and said "Shall we try a better place for our conversation?" He walks to the Café with Sephiroth following him.


Hours later, Alucard and Sephy are making out on the bed. Besides the fierce hugging and caressing for each other’s bodies, they are engaged in a heated debate, which is quite odd for a moment like this.

Alucard kissed Sephy’s cheek tenderly "So who is going to be on the top?"

Sephiroth nibbles Alucard’s ear, which the latter moans, "me, of course"

"You?" Alucard laughs and messages Sephy’s smooth neck, "It has to me. I’m the moody Byronic hero everyone worships, so I’ll be on the top"

"Do you ever crawl out of your dark Transylvania tomb and re-civilized?" Sephiroth said while gives Alucard a squeeze on his tight bun "A recent study shows FFVII sold more copies than Castlevania, and I’m most popular character after that looser Cloud. So it makes sense for me to be on the top!"

Alucard exclaimed " Well, excuse me, frat boy-wannabe, I’m Dracula’s son, the Prince of Darkness. By rank I should be on the top. Look , my family’s honor is at stake. I can not imagine what shame daddy would feel if I lose this to you." He takes a strand of Sephy’s silver hair to trace imaginary patterns on Sephy’s skin, which let loose some giggles from the guy himself.

"Aahahaa,,don’t do’s so itchy" Sephy said between breaths. He rolls his eyes, and try to look pained "Spare me that drill, love….hehe…ouch….he..I’m set to be..hehe… a God….haha… Who can beat that? Naturally..I..get…t.o…be…on…top….stop it now….stop it…stop it…." Sephy can’t stand Alucard’s tease. He climbs up to his partner, grabs his collar and looka at Alucard’s intense golden eyes.

"Alucard, let me on the top and move on to the next stage." Sephiroth said

Alucard :" No way. Me on the top"

Sephy: "But I want to be on the top."

Alucard:"You can’t"

Sephiroth:" Can do"

Alucard:"you can’t"

Sephiroth:"Can do"

Alucard:"You can’t"

Sephiroth:"Can do"

Alucard:"You can’t"

Sephiroth, tired of the haggling,"Well, I’m on top now, what can you do, kick me off bed now?"

Alucard gives Sephy his golden kick. Sephy landed on the floor with his butt, his face stares at the ceiling incredulously.

Alucard drops to the floor and rubs Sephy’s butt to alleviate the pain. He apologized to his lover , of course, is forgiven in return. Sephiroth carries Alucard to bed, and lays him down gently on the comforter. Alucard finally said "All right, this is getting old. If you insist you wan to be on the top, go for it" This brings out a joyfully smile from Sephiroth. The beauty itself dazzles Alucard so much that he’s speechless for several seconds. Sephy’s handsome face moves in closely, his soft lips seeking Alucard’s own. In tasting each other’s passion, they shed the restrictive clothes, letting loose their naked skin to the silky touches of their hands. Their limbs entangle, like the spider’s web. Finally, they have dipped into the sweetness of act enough to savor the nectar of the final stage. When Sephiroth is about to enter Alucard’s parted legs, someone busts in through the door.

Alucard and Sephiroth raised their shocked face to see the intruder. Who in their right mind will disrupt this sacred union between vidgame characters. None else, it’s Cloud, Seph’s #1 nemesis. Sephiroth’s face turns from shock to fury. He lets out a blood curdling scream " Cloud You Good For Nothing Scrub Soldier Failure Freak Who Can’t Impress Anyone to Jump the Bed But Ruin People’s Chance Because You Are Sick With Green Envy You Wacked-Up Boy Don’t Ever Let Me Look At Your Disgusting Piggy Face Again, Out I said Out"

Cloud stands motionless for a while, and bursts into tears.

Cloud "Sephy… can you betray me? I thought we’re pairing buddies in the SOLDIER. All these years, the only way I can hang on is the thought of me as your only one. . But now you sleep around like a cheap whore with this vampy crap..makes my achy fragile heart breaks so hard….(sniffs on a pink hankie)…wooo..woooo…Sephy hooow cann you be so horrible to me…..wooo…wooo……(sniffs,sniffs)….. Oh poor me….you devil…woooooooooo (brawls and runs away)."

Sephiroth and Alucard puking so hard their face turn green. Alucard pats Sephy’s shoulder in sympathy. "Now I understand what pain you felt." He hugs Sephy to comfort him. Sephy hugs back. Awww, how sweet.


The End